JReid Consulting specializes in strategy, organizational change and leadership development. Specialties include support in building resilience and agility, leading teams that click, strengthening service and business partnership, and facilitating strategy and business planning sessions. This work has resulted in successful, sustained measurable results for clients in such areas as leadership and culture, employee engagement and client satisfaction.

Learn more about our associates:

Susanne Lyle (Endeavour Consulting and Coaching Inc.)plus
John Hebden (Bigger Picture Solutions Inc.)plus
Dr. Nancy Kraetschmerplus
April Frank (Innovative Edge Inc., USA)plus

Best Practice Research:


Resilience is “the skill and capacity to be robust under conditions of enormous stress and change….(it) will determine who succeeds and who fails.” (Coutu)

Employee Engagement:

“Those in the top quartile in engagement had 18% higher productivity, 16% higher profitability and 49% fewer safety incidents...,” (Gallup Study of 34k SBU’s)


: “Engagement alone isn’t enough…. Alignment is critical…. People and teams must be aligned…in the pursuit of a common cause.” (Karsan & Kruse)
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