JReid Consulting, Building Leadership for Success

  Building Resilience & Agility for high-performing leaders and teams
  • To perform, change, learn and innovate, we need to build energy, reduce stress, engage IQ and EQ, focus, and strengthen leadership
  • We need practical change techniques to close know-do gaps and align our culture                
  • Recent neuro-science and corporate results demonstrate strong links between engaged employees, satisfied clients and business success
  • Other Change Offers: "Building Energy...Reducing Stress", plus "Leading Change & Change Teams", both including processes, techniques and EQ skills to help leaders lead change and support their people

We can support your leadership and team needs with the following:


Our Clients' Successes!


“People can more easily navigate the changes with less drain on their...productivity. Behaviours actually changed. The program has really ‘stuck’ with the organization”

Employee Engagement:

Client’s survey stats over four years: 59.4%, 76.8%, 88.5% and 91%

Turnover dropped to low single digits after 3 years Productivity, “…a majority of targets met or exceeded”

Client Service:

Client satisfaction levels of 94% and 96.5% in last two years

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