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  Strategy: A high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty (Wikipedia). Strategy is about shaping the future and is the human attempt to get to desirable ends with available means which are usually limited. (McKeown, The Strategy Book)
  • A strategic framework involves collaborative development of mission, vision, values, strategic goals and strategic priorities. All change efforts must be aligned to the strategy
  • Facilitation is a way of engaging a team in planning and implementing their own changes, whether in an annual strategy retreat, a business planning session, a consultation, a working session on implementing the changes, or a meeting to identify responses to an employee engagement survey

We can support your strategy and business planning needs with the following:


Our Clients' Successes!

Series of 30+ consultations and strategy sessions:

Gratifying participant evaluations. Governing body, in one-year evaluation, found impressive indicators of action taken, progress made

Investment Firm:

“More involved in meetings …throwing out more ideas. More participation at our planning session…more input into decisions. One of our best strategy sessions”

Healthcare change project:

“Our cross-functional planning team came together, quickly and effectively coordinating plans for 2 related projects with very tight deadlines"
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