JReid Consulting specializes in strategy, organizational change and leadership development. Specialties include support in building resilience and agility, leading teams that click, strengthening service and business partnership, and facilitating strategy and business planning sessions. This work has resulted in successful, sustained measurable results for clients in such areas as leadership and culture, employee engagement and client satisfaction.

Hear from our clients:

Victoria Hubbell, SVP, Strategy & Stakeholder Relations, HOOPP

I would highly recommend Joanne Reid. She initially worked with our executive team to gather external perspectives to support our strategic planning and stakeholder outreach efforts. She also facilitated divisions’ development of responses to our employee opinion survey and provided advice on a consultative service model. She then facilitated the “Building Resilience & Agility” workshops and coaching for our organization. These workshops were designed to provide management and staff with the information and techniques to thrive in demanding times and overcome challenges to both their work and personal lives. Joanne has a solid understanding of our corporate culture and core values and was able to tailor the program to meet our needs. Her enthusiasm and knowledge encouraged active participation in these groups. Some benefits of the resilience program include increased business results and productivity, positive client satisfaction scores and overall increase in employee wellbeing.

Irshaad Ahmad, Head of UK & Nordics, AXA Investment Managers, London, UK

Joanne worked with our leadership team during a period of significant change and restructuring. Through her workshops and coaching, our executives strengthened their leadership, team, communication and resilience skills. During our annual strategic planning sessions immediately following, we listened more fully and spoke more openly. Our discussions were more strategically focussed and we reached consensus more easily on priorities. She continued to provide valuable coaching and support to individual executives.

Bonnie Patterson, President & CEO, Council of Ontario Universities

I was pleased to engage Joanne Reid with the objective of strengthening our internal team effectiveness in order to provide stronger external service to the myriad of stakeholders we serve as a membership organization. In a day-long session with Joanne, she was able to tailor exercises and examples for our needs, drawing on her background work with both the broader public and private sectors, as well as personal experience as a former member of university faculty. The combination of the focus on teams that click, business partnership models and resilience resulted in a full and positive experience for everyone. She is well-researched in her field. Having used her services in strategic planning within another organization, I continue to value the consultative services she provides and the outcomes achieved working with her.

Emanuela Heyninck, Commissioner, Pay Equity Office, Province of Ontario

Joanne Reid and one of her associates facilitated our two-day strategic planning offsite involving all management and staff. The session enabled us to come to consensus on future directions and strategic priorities. Training in team collaboration and difficult conversations, as well as management coaching, helped us to understand and work towards building a more cohesive, collaborative team. She also facilitated a follow-up session focussed on implementation planning and building resilience for change. Our team’s success in these sessions ensured successful implementation of our strategic priorities. Her advice and facilitation of our recent consultation on pay equity,as well as a report on the proceedings, contributed to the Commission's efforts to build consensus and promote action on a range of gender equity issues. 

D. Ross Peebles, Board Director

Our not-for-profit Toronto board engaged JReid Consulting to facilitate a process to review its goals, decide on a strategic direction and map out an implementation strategy. We were impressed by Joanne's non-prescriptive approach and by the time and effort that she took to understand our objectives and culture. Joanne met individually with board members to better understand our issues. She then suggested an agenda and timetable for us to develop a plan. Under Joanne's guidance our meetings identified the issues on which we were in fundamental agreement and our options for resolving the remainder. All members participated freely and in a collaborative manner. A follow-up survey revealed strong satisfaction with the process and with the role Joanne played. We give her much credit for the success of our planning endeavour.

Our Clients' Successes!

Cultural Alignment:

Awarded one of “Canada’s Top Ten Most Admired Corporate Cultures”...”employees so aligned to their mission, vision and values”

Team Cohesion and Strategic Focus:

“...one of our best strategy sessions ever...faster decisions...didn’t dwell on details...focusing more on execution”

Personal Performances:

An executive cut ten points off his best golf score; a medical student’s MCAT’s jumped from 40th to 90th percentile
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